announces strategic partnership with Path Finder City

The famous travel review website,, has just announced a strategic partnership with, whereas they combine all the existing travel reviews under Bagasi’s umbrella group.

The partnership officially started in August 2019. All content from Pathfindercity will be migrated to Bagasi’s content over the period of time. Most of the content will be translated to Bahasa Melayu to better suit the audience of the website. The existing audience of will not only enjoy hotel reviews in Malaysia, but also the additional content from South East Asia countries like Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia.

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bagasi acquired pathfindercity merge with

Summary: Bagasi has gained ownership of the branding, domain name, images rights as well as the content rights of after the strategic partnership.

On August 2019, Bagasi officially announces the strategic partnership between and This is the beginning of strategic acquisition, and there will be more acquisitions and content transfer over the next few months.